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Ux Designer / Researcher


6 week 300+ hr Personal Project


G Suite, Figma, Miro, Marvel

New skills and confidence in research, synthesis, and presentation.



My whole purpose in life is to do my part to add a little bit of joy into the world, so when I was asked to do a project around a topic of my choice, I jumped at the opportunity, to help spread joy through service!

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In this Case study, I explore ways to help people do more acts of charity or generosity. I would need to learn how and why people were motivated to do good, and what stopped them from those charitable actions.


By the end of the project, I had, through research and iteration, conceived of an App that would solve that challenge in 2 ways.

1. Help track the frequency and impact of an act of service over time.

2. Assist in building a community around doing charitable acts.

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The Process

Discover the Root of the Problem with Research
 Define the User and Situation
Ideate Potential Solution Paths
Build or Sketch MVP's
Rigorous Usability Test
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Conducting Research


The first and most important part of the UX process. I needed to accurately define people's feelings around doing "Good". So I conducted Surveys & Interviews.

10+ Questions, 26 Surveyed, 4 Interviewed
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Synthesizing Research


Analyzing the research data helped me better understand the problem, build a Storyboard, Persona, problem statement, and craft more specific questions that would guide an ideation session.

Affinity Mapping to "I" Statements

I began synthesizing the research data through affinity mapping and summarized the findings in these "I" Statements.



I was framing the problem wrong!

I need to trust my gift won't be wasted.

I need to have time, money or energy to give.

I need to believe I'm making a difference in the life of the receiver.

I want to feel good after giving

I want to be an example to those around me.

I want giving to be easy.

A Moment of Clarity

The research was challenging to narrow down. It pointed toward varied thoughts around giving but did reveal that the most meaningful and strongest feelings people had revolved around giving time and not money, to those they were close to.

Old Problem

"How can I help people do more acts of charity?" 

New Problem

"How can I help people do more good by spending TIME and not MONEY?"

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Defining the User "Persona"

Now that I better understood the research I could make a few artifacts to help guide an ideation session, like this persona that points to some of the things that might get in the way of our target audience.

Humanizing the Problem

Humanizing the target audience is even easier when we put them into a memorable scenario, and thats best conveyed through story board. 

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With the problem framed and the deliverables in hand, I could conduct ideation sessions that would specifically help answer how we might help Marc more do good spending TIME and not money"


2 Rounds of Ideation Sessions


9 Participants

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7 Total Questions

Generosity - Ideation results pre affini


From those sessions, I received 200+ data points. And began to see trends, based on a need for Community, Agency, and Trackability.

A Quote that explains it all.

"Have Marc focus on building a relations with whomever he is helping. We are all more likely to help someone we care about"

 - Ideation Test Participant.


Guidelines from Ideation


In order to move to a solution I needed to fully understand what the data was saying.

These were some of the high-level Takeaways 

Task Flows & MVPS


With those themes, I created MVPs, tasks flows, and Wireflows. You may notice in that pile of images many features and layouts that required "modification"!

They need the ability to track the impact of their donations.


They need to build deeper relationships with the community


They need to join a group or preorganized event


They need the ability to choose activities that are easily available


they need to make it a habit with specific repetition.


Future Metrics

The user goals in the blue boxes became the success metric for the many rounds of usability testing 

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Pick me Up

good deeds paper prototype1024_1
good deeds paper prototype1024_9
good deeds paper prototype1024_5
good deeds paper prototype1024_13
good deeds paper prototype1024_8
good deeds paper prototype1024_12
good deeds paper prototype1024_11
good deeds paper prototype1024_10
good deeds paper prototype1024_14
good deeds paper prototype1024_7
good deeds paper prototype1024_6
good deeds paper prototype1024_4
good deeds paper prototype1024_3
good deeds paper prototype1024_2

Sculpting Solutions


With those flows I could finally start working on screens! If you check out a few of the "awful" sketches, You may notice many features and layouts that required "modification"!




Testing Results & Iteration

I digitized those screens and begun the iteration process through a series of usability testing, this time with 4 individuals.

  • All Testers were confused by the confirmation page.

  • They expected some type of notification around being contacted in the app.




Round 2 Results & Iteration

I added a red bubble for notifications, but The testers still had trouble around the confirmation pages and often didn't click through certain important areas. 

  • Improve notifications

  • Fix Confirmation Page

  • Problem Clicking through



To ensure a cohesive theme, I created this board that would remind people of the joy of serving and that living breathing connection of community.

Round 3 Testing & Iteration

Taking the usability testing feedback I continued to iterate to make the application more intuitive and approachable. Below is the final (for now) result.

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Next Steps


The process is far from over to complete, in order to be viable the application would also need to make creating events an intuitive part of its feature set. 

Final Thoughts 

I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn through this project and hope to continue to build my skill set. This app still has a long way to go but maybe one day I'll develop a real version of this idea.